AVG is one of the most popular antivirus software that is available in the market. There are a large number of people who are dependent upon the services of this esteemed security software. AVG provides a sturdy firewall that helps one to protect the system at all times. Despite these positives, one can encounter an array of issues related to AVG. These issues can prompt one to contact the AVG Billing Team for refunds or other assistance purposes.  Below is the list of issues-

  • Problems with the installation. You can face an issue when you are setting up the software on your system. There are instances when the installer is unable to trigger the procedure. There are times when the Installer crashes in the middle during the process and you are unable to set up the antivirus. The installer can also freeze during the finish steps and your device remains deprived of the antivirus in such a case. There are other times when your installer has undone the whole installation process and you have to begin again from the scratch. These issues can surface if the core file is compromised or you have downloaded an incompatible file. The installation can also be hampered if you already have another security product installed on your system.
  • Issues related to the upgrade. You can face issues while upgrading the version of your AVG security software. This issue can also occur if you have some residual files from the older version of AVG and these registry errors can stall the upgrade process.
  • AVG License Key issue. You need the License Key to activate your product and utilize its functions. There are times that your code is not accepted even when you are entering the correct code. Among one of the roots for this problem can be when you are entering a product key for a different version of AVG or your product key could have been blocked without further notice as a security measure
  • Software needlessly blocking verified software and files. Sometimes you are unable to open certain programs because the antivirus has blocked them for no apparent reason. In other serious issues, the software can block your system dedicated files and in this case, the performance of the system dwindles altogether.

There are times when you are unable to counter these issues and then you look for ways to recover the amount that you paid for the software in the beginning. Hence, it is a given that you look for a refund as the product didn’t perform as per your expectations. However, it is vital to mark that there is a time period under which you can get a refund from the company. This can prompt you to contact the AVG Refund time. Follow the guidelines given below to get your refund-

  • To begin with, you must read the particulars pertaining to the refund policy of AVG carefully. There is a time period under which you can demand a refund. You can’t make a refund demand once the time window has expired, the time window depends upon the version of the software and the current policy adhered by the company. Hence, you should always ensure that if you witness some early signs of the dwindling performance then you take a quick action to recover the amount that you paid for the software.
  • You can only ask for a refund from the seller if you have bought the software from a retail line.    You can undertake the process by first specifying the issue that has given shape to your decision. Make sure that you meet the time window and the other eligibility parameters as set by the store. In case you have downloaded software from an Application store then you can only ask for a refund from the Application store through the Application store. You must note that no refund will be provided without a concrete reason and if the time window has been finished.
  • You can ask for a refund from the AVG Refund Manager if you have set up the software via the official website, the refund process can then be carried out.  You should keep in mind that you file the demand within the given time window and that you provide a concrete reason for the refund. Below the procedure to recover the funds that you paid for if you have downloaded the software from the official website-
  • You must start by first locating your AVG Order Number. You can locate the Order Number by going through your Inbox and finding the message sent by the server at the time of your purchase. The order number can be seen on the top of the screen. If the message is not available in your inbox then go through the Spam or the Junk Folder to find the message. A message is always sent after the completion of the purchase so you can find it on your registered email account.
  • Now, you need to make note of the Activation Code that you used while legitimizing the purchase of your product.  Again, you can trace the activation code by going through the confirmation email again. The Activation Code can be seen on the bottom of the screen where you can see a purchase confirmation bill.
  • Once you have noted both the Activation Code and AVG Order Number go to the official website of AVG and then search for the option to place refunds. Once you have located the option, tap on it and an AVG Refund Tool will pop up on the screen.
  • Now you need to fill in the Activation Code and the AVG Order Number in the relevant boxes. Afterward, some instructions will be flashed on the screen and you will be asked the reason for the refund. You will get a refund if the software server thinks that you are eligible for it.

Hence you can undertake the refund process if you follow the guidelines given above. You must note that you can’t get a refund unless you provide a concrete reason.