Roku box runs a custom Linux distribution which is known as Roku OS, here OS is known as Operating Software. Software updates including bugs, additions of all the new features and many new revisions to interface. Roku uplift its Operating Software updates to the supported devices in overwhelm release. Software updates are rolled out to a group of percentage of candidate devices to ensure to build it stable before being made available as masse.

Roku is an open platform device with freely available software kit for development that unable to create new channels, channels are written in a specific language of Roku. A developer who wants to test their channels before release or can create private channels which require an entered code by the user to sign in on the Roku Website.

Roku is an streaming device to receive the data, for video streaming via wireless connection from internet router and output data via audio and video cables and HDMI connectors directly and on some direct modals. Programming and content for the devices are available in a wide variety of global providers. Roku works as entertainment audio and video players streaming media like prime videos, Netflix as well as locality stored content. Consumer Electronic Control is a feature which is designed for HDMI connected devices by using one remote controller. Roku provides simplest way to stream entertainment account on any Television.

Do you know the bestest way to watch streaming channels on your TV big screen? Most of the people anabling TV cables to access and cannot access streaming channels directly on their TV. If you want to access Roku, it is typically a flash sized drive to hold the calibre to turn on your device into Smart TV.

How Roku works

Roku comes with HDIM cables and voice remote. Cables are using to connect your Roku device with Televisions. However, This device is also connected with the internet using cables, and if you use the wireless networks then let your Roku app launch on the Television. Once ut is done, you will be able to select your network and enter the password to connect your network with your Roku Device.

How to activate Roku device or link Roku on streaming device

If you want to activate Roku on your streaming devices like your media player, it is compulsory to link it with roku account. Your Roku account stores which roku streaming devices have your own and on which channels have installed as well as with your preferences and its settings. In order to manage roku account, it is important to have valid email addresses connected with Roku account and receive all the important notifications and you should choose strong and secure password. Note: Roku does not charge any amount for activation in any device.

Follow the given steps below and Activate Roku in your device are:

  1. Follow the quick guidance to your device.

For additional help while setting up Roku in your device, visit the setup and trouble shoot section of Roku Support Site.

  • Complete the instructions given on screen to connect your Roku with internet

Once connected, Your Roku device can download any new software.

  • Then your Roku device will display a code of the link, e.g. ‘XD12G’
  • Make a note of the code given in the link and go to the website i.e., on your device.

Note that when you enter the code on the above link into your browser, make sure that it must be correct to avoid any kind of fraudulent stuff.

  • On the website, enter the link code and submit it.

If it will show any error or get stuck on specific stuff, then learn how resolve problems activating your Roku in streaming devices.

Important Note: You must complete all the steps on the websites before going back to your Roku device otherwise it will not be activated.

  • Follow all the instructions to create a Roku account, or login to an existing Roku account.
  • Creating a new Roku account, it will ask you for payment method, which allows you to purchase the subscription of popular channels or pay the rent or buy TV shows movies and games, etc. Adding a method of payment does not result in any charges to your account, it will only be charged after follow the given instructions to make your purchase successful. E.g. when signing-up for subscription, renting or any method or buying TV shows or additional channels from Roku Channel Store.

If you want to forbid unauthorised purchases, learn how to create pin to create your account.

Mostly, credit cards and PayPal are the payment methods which are being accepted, and you can get help if you are having trouble in adding payment method.

  • Once you completed the payment method, You Roku device will be activated and ready to use.

 Live channels you can watch on Roku

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Precautions you should take to secure your Roku

  1. Use your genuine email address- It is highly recommended to use your genuine email address, so that you can receive important notifications frequently and updated it with latest changes.
  2. You must have strong password- Your password should be unique and strong so that hackers cannot get your password anyhow.
  3. PIN creation- Using the internet is one step forward to cyber attacks, if you do not take any safety and secure precautions and it is same with Roku also. To avoid the unauthorised users to make the purchase from your Roku channel store, a unique pin is needed to create, and unauthorised users will be restricted completely.
  4. Keep update yourself with purchase history- to ensure yourself that there is no misuse of your account, and check your purchase history regularly. If you discover your purchase without any short notice, you should immediately contact Roku or change your Roku password quickly.