Introduction to the EPSON Printer

The concept for the EPSON gives a complete guide to digital marketing. Because of changes in technology and new even better products from EPSON, this is all amazing to use and helps people to create beautiful pictures.

How to Install EPSON Printer without CD

How to Install EPSON printer without CD, it is not that difficult now. So many people become frustrated over the lack of CD to install a printer. Before you install and set up the printer on your computer, first check all the specifications of your computer. So here are some easy steps to get over this.

First Method to Install Printer


Put your computer and printer next to each other and all the wires should be connected to the computer as well as the printer.


Turn on your computer and wait till it boots it up.


Set your printer into the wall and make sure that the USB cord is attached to the printer and set it in the appropriate port on the computer.


Switch on your EPSON Printer.


Click on the start button and go to the Control Panel.


Search printers and hardware menu and hit the Button.


Now click on the Add Printers.


Now screen shows ‘Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard’ and now hit next on that slide.


Click “automatically detect and install plug and play printer” And hit next on the Printer Wizard.


Now the installation process is running, if the network is automatically detected. Otherwise, the message is unable to detect will pop-up and will be proflix to install the printer manually and hit next on it.


Now choose the best-recommended printer port and set up the options.


Select manufacture and printer and hit the next button.


Now confirm the printer’s name or write it if it appears, and set your printer as the default printer if you want to.  Print a test page to examine that your printer is all set up and online.

So, here the printer installation is set and you receive the successful completion message

The second method to install EPSON Printer without using CD

You can take help from the manual; the manual has a section with specific instructions to install your printer without software or CD. The following steps are:

  1. Go to the printer manufacturer’s website like:
  2. Click on the Printers tab, each manufacturer’s website has a different appearance so, you may have to search for the option on the top of the page.
  3. Type your printer’s modal name into the search bar.
  4. Now look for a software download link.
  5. Click on the download link for your printer software. Promptly, select the location to save first.
  6. After choosing the save location extract the software’s zip folder in your device.
  7. Then double click on the software set up files.
  8. Follow your screen instructions now; what is showing on the screen is different depending on the operating system and your printer. So follow your screen instruction and you will be done with printer installation.
  9. Now try to connect your printer with cable and connect it to your system to see, it works or not, make sure that both printer and your system are connected to the internet and you should be able to retrieve your printer.

These two methods can work easily. Only follow the given instructions and you are able to access your printer, it is not a difficult task now. Printers not only work with the help of the Internet but also work with the local wireless networks. And it mainly uses in Offices and companies, you can also moderate the work easily in a simple manner through printer and computer. Hence it inspires the people to do work in vary which appears to the people in another interactive way.