HP has been popular as one a dependable and efficient printing brand and as a result, it has a large number of users because of its efficiency. HP produces both the wireless and the USB printers for its large customer base. However you must first know how to establish the printer’s connection before you can use it for the printing purposes

How to install HP Printer on Mac?

Your IOs allows you to setup a HP cable printer on your device. Follow the steps given below to complete the setup-

  • First, unbox the HP printer; wipe the surface where you are intending to place the printer. Carefully place the printer on the surface once you have cleaned it up.
  • Now attach the USB cable to your device to form a link with the printer. The system can install the drivers automatically right after the connections but there areinstancesyou are required to do some manual
  • For the manual method, visit the official website of HP. After you visit the website, go to the section under which you can download the drivers linked with your printer.
  • For the installation of the drivers, first enter your printer model number and then also specify the OS version for which you want the drivers.
  • After you have inserted these two specifications, the driver download will start soon. Now, you just need to wait for the download to finish.
  • After the download is completed, click on the driver installation file and begin the establishment of the printer’s drivers in your device.
  • Now, go to the Devices option and perform a scan to detect the printer that you intend to use.
  • After the scan identifies your printer, tap on the + symbol to include the printers to the list of recognized devices.
  • Perform a test print to check if your printer has started to work. If it doesn’t help then you can require some external assistance.

How to install HP wireless printer with USB Cable?

Your HP wireless printer can also be brought to use through the USB cable. The procedure to connect while using the temporary USB connection can be become complicated. Hence you require proper guidelines to understand the process in its entirety. This procedure needs three accessories to be able to setup the printer. Follow the pointers below to learn how you can undertake the process of setting the HP wireless printer with the USB cable-

  • Locate a place for your wireless printer that is accessible to all the users. Establish the printer in a space which is clean and where not too much dust is present. Then you need to make sure that the printer is in the proximity to the device and the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now you need to bring to other utilities. Have an Ethernet cable through which you can link with the router. Then you need to bring the USB cable into the fray.
  • Visit the official website of the HP and once you get there, you need to select the printer and the OS type to download the drivers associated with your printer. After the driver’s installation file has been downloaded, tap on the file and wait for the installer to load up the files related to the drivers.
  • Then access the Printers option in your Mac Os device, which you can find through the Settings option and locate the tab to scan the printer and identify it. Then tap on the wireless connection option which will be a gateway to setup your wireless connection on the Mac.
  • Now form a three way link between your router, the printer and your device. You can establish the three way link by linking the Ethernet cable to the Wi-Fi router and the USB cable between the system and the printer. Once the link has been formed, you can create a network formation between your device and the printer.
  • Proceed with the printer setup through your MAC OS. When the window for linking the printer shows up on the screen, tap on the Start option displayed at the bottom.
  • Now choose the set the printer with a temporary USB connection method, which can only be used if you have established a network connection through your printer and router.
  • Then you have to perform a scan for the device to identify the printer that you are using to undertake the printing operations.
  • To go forward, you have to click on the Network connection option to establish a link with your drivers in the system.
  • Your installer will soon find out the SSID linked to your Wireless connection. Tap on OK to go ahead.
  • Now you have to note down the values related to the WEP, which is under the SSID banner.
  • Now under the next screen, the installer will prompt you to enter the security key or the password that related to your Wi-Fi connection.
  • It will take some time for the wireless connection to configure. After the connection has been setup the installer will display that your wireless setup has been completed
  • Now connect the drivers that are related to your HP printer. Now, once your configuration has been completed, you should perform a Print test to see if the printer has been working in the correct manner.

Follow the guidelines to setup the wireless printer using the USB cable, which can consume a chunk of your time. You can face certain difficult situations while going through the procedure because the process can take a decent chunk of time.

How to install HP wireless Printer on Mac without USB cable?

After you know how to install HP wireless printer with thee USB, you can also learn how you can setup the printer without having to use the USB cable connection. This is how you can carry out the process of establishing the HP wireless printer without using the USB cable-

  • First visit the HP Printer Registration Panel where you can need to mention the printer type that you are using.
  • After you have reached the Panel, you need comply with the terms and conditions specified in the Software License Agreement. Go through these terms and click on Next if you accept the Agreement. You can’t complete the procedure if you don’t agree with the Software License Agreement.
  • Then register the machine you are using on the official website of HP. Tap on Finish to complete other formalities related to the process.
  • Locate the SSID related to your Wi-Fi connection and then make note of the WEP values that are inserted there.
  • Then you need to engage in some functions through your printer. Click on the Tool button and open the space where you can enter the WEP value
  • Click on the Centre Ok button to confirm the WEP units. In the next step, you must insert the security key which pertains to your Wi-Fi connection.
  • The visit the Printers option on your IOS device. Click on scan and wait till your printer model is generated.
  • Add the printer to the list of recognized devices by tapping on the + sign.

Click on Finish to wrap up the process. Have a printing test to see if you want to see if the printer has been setup.